RH Contracts

Carmen Padurariu

RH Contracts

I joined  the VEO team in September 2013 in an unforgettable day because it represented a new beginning for me, an important career change. I started in the Sourcing department, having the mission to select candidates to match the profiles sought for the job positions in France. Phone recruitment is not easy, but it's a beautiful challenge from which I learned a lot.

At the beginning of 2015, I decided that I wanted to develop more in VEO, but in another direction, having though in mind the field of human resources. So I became the manager of RH Contracts department, and now I am lucky enough to work with two great teams, RH Contracts and Flux.

What do I like most? The people I work with, the challenges that arise with every day and the opportunity to learn. What do I really appreciate? The engagement, the energy and the perseverance of the people around me, that inspire me every day.

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