Razvan Aftene


I'm Razvan and I'm proud to have embraced the job of sales reprezentative.I have been with VEO since 2014, when the DARE International Trade Training School was established.
I think when you become a salesperson in our department, you start to live differently the 8 hour schedule altogether, the most intense part being when we get the news of the day.

In this office I learned to exceed my own limits, so I can say that I became a real professional. Another thing I have learned is that you have to make sacrifices, but as you know, they are a necessary step in order to develop. The dream of each of us is to come to work without feeling it like a chore. I think I'm a lucky man, because we have this part: here we are a big family.

As a future perspective, I would love to develop professional and business relationships in every country in the world.

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