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Veo Experience

You are about to join a multicultural team of 900 foreign-language speakers who bring constant value by working for business sustainability and worldwide waste reduction in a field like no other: clearance.

What is Clearance?

Veo buys hard-to-sell goods like ends of line collections, short-expiry date products, or overstock, giving them a second life. We are a B2B company that offers clearance solutions to thousands of companies worldwide, allowing businesses to capitalise on merchandise that otherwise would become waste. Instead of these products being lost, we give them value. In the 16 years of experience in the clearance field and employment world, we learned nothing is more important than respect for resources, whether we talk about time, skills, ideas, or people.

Veo Culture

We are fun people, but our responsibility weighs a lot. With us, you will fight against waste in all forms, supporting responsible consumption. A lean organization, we are committed to giving the best clearance solutions by using smartly and efficiently all our resources.



Our 5 values are written in our DNA


taking ownership of the problems we discovered helped us develop constantly


we promote honesty and open communication in dealing with team members, suppliers and clients, in the respect of others

Continuous improvement

everything can be improved - the company as a whole, each of our activities and each one of us


how else would we be here today?


share the knowledge, you will benefit together with the company in the end

Our mission

Learning daily, we adapt to the world's changing economy. Developing and improving our strategy day after day, we fight daily for a world with less waste, and we are dedicated to rising to the highest expectations of our clients and collaborators.

Our Vision

No waste. Just value. What describes us best is the entrepreneurial spirit and the responsibility we own for our actions. That's why our management style encourages freedom of expression and people who want to make their mark in a multicultural business environment. We make the most of every resource – time, skills, ideas, and people. Counting on and trusting those who constantly take it a step further, are eager to grow, and are genuine team players defines our leadership style.

Our projects


Its mission is to prospect suppliers in order to buy the maximum amount of goods.


The purpose of Support functions is to help other services to be more efficient.Support functions at VEO combine skills in many areas as:


Every day, in VEO, over 10 teams of international trade specialists manage millions of dollars’ worth of acquisitions and sales, contact hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide, interact and negotiate with clients, medium-sized and large companies, in more than 15 languages.

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Finance and Administrative (financial reports and analyses, accounting, auditing and treasury activities), HR (personnel management, payroll, recruitment and training), Quality and IT

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