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Who we are

VEO Worldwide Services is a very diverse B2B services provider that has been operating in Eastern Europe for 12 years. VEO is neither an accounting company, nor a call center or a commercial company. Any B2B service you can think of, VEO is probably doing it, or is planning to do it in the next couple of years. And if not, we would be ready to do it in 6 months from now, as we have proved in multiple occasions.

We have a huge knowledge base, built in 12 years of VEO in CEE. It's here for you to use it. All you need is the will to succeed. We can't help with that, but with all the rest... yes. we can!

In these years, we could have stayed a small team or grown at a limited pace. Instead, VEO is today a group of companies with over 800 employees, and it's all because many people here had the courage to think big and act bold in the pursuit of what others would consider unrealistic ambitions. It is what we expect from everyone that joins the company. You really can be our next success story. VEO is growing continuously and the primary resource of growth has been and always will be our people.


Time Travel 2006

VEO started its activity 12 years ago. Many of the employees from the first year are still here, evolving in the company. The name VEO was chosen locally, based on the names of the first two members of VEO's team..

Offices in 7 countries
million EUR turnover


Our 5 values are written in our DNA


taking ownership of the problems we discovered helped us develop constantly


we promote honesty and open communication in dealing with team members, suppliers and clients, in the respect of others

Continuous improvement

everything can be improved - the company as a whole, each of our activities and each one of us


how else would we be here today?


share the knowledge, you will benefit together with the company in the end

The mission

To constantly exceed the highest requirements of our clients, thus becoming the most respected provider of B2B services and solutions, in Eastern Europe.

The vision

Happy clients. We are constantly focused on offering innovative solutions and quality services to our clients, whether they are international companies dominating their markets, customers of our stores or internal clients.

Happy people at work. We believe that only happy employees can have exceptional achievements, that is why we support their training, satisfaction at work and beyond, and also the general well-being of VEO people.

Happy business. We have the patience to build on the long-term and the belief that, by doing the right things today, we will continue to have a solid company with longstanding results beyond expectations, hence creating a positive impact on the Eastern Europe business environment.

Our projects


Its mission is to prospect suppliers in order to buy the maximum amount of goods.


The purpose of Support functions is to help other services to be more efficient.Support functions at VEO combine skills in many areas as:


The Logistics department groups transport, production and flow.


With its first store opened in Arad, Romania, WOW plans to expand its network to over 100 stores in Romania. Here our customers have the possibility of finding good deals with 100% discount products.


Every day, in VEO, over 10 teams of international trade specialists manage millions of dollars’ worth of acquisitions and sales, contact hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide, interact and negotiate with clients, medium-sized and large companies, in more than 15 languages.

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Finance and Administrative (financial reports and analyses, accounting, auditing and treasury activities), HR (personnel management, payroll, recruitment and training), Quality and IT

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This department is in charge of the processing and the good distribution of the products in stores.

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Within our stores, customers can find products such as: food/frozen, ready-to-wear/accessories, hygiene and beauty products, sports equipment, cultural products (books, CDs, DVD), DIY / Gardening or decoration and comfort of the house (furniture, appliances, decoration, dishes)

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