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Andreea Batir


4 years ago, I said "YES" for 4 times to the 4 interviews and 4 VEO interlocutors. This is how the story "l'immobilier à la française" began, a demanding and exciting adventure. I accepted an administrative job that had a commercial taste, something like Sherlock Holmes together with Dr. Watson.

The starting point for this journey was my strengths: the pleasure to communicate, the persuasion and the thoroughness. After we had the best teachers: the constant desire to improve, combined with the influence of the people in VEO.

My source of energy is the number of “YES” I receive. Any “YES” obtained has contributed to improving our daily work, at least at departmental level. For me, the impact on figures and especially on people is not only empowering, but motivating also. They say "sharing is caring". I could not agree more, especially when it comes to sharing knowledge.
I'm happy to have the freedom to improve what we do on a daily basis.

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