VEO Worldwide Services is a company specialized in providing Business-to-Business services that has been operating in Romania for 10 years. VEO Worldwide Services has over 600 employees, 10 offices (Bucharest, Brașov, Chișinău, Constanța, Katowice,Sofia and two in Iași) and a turnover in excess of €5 million, with a growth of 99% compared to 2014.

Our operations span the wide range of fields in which our international clients are involved: Commerce, IT, Finance, Human Resources.

We grow minds

VEO’s success is due to the team effort of talented and dedicated professionals. The fact that we maintain our high standards and our rapid growth rate testifies to the professionalism and dedication of VEO employees, as well as to our corporate culture focused on developing their skills and abilities.

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We grow ideas

The projects and the areas of expertise in which VEO is involved have steadily increased both in number and in complexity. We are currently managing more than 20 complex, highly specialized projects and processes.

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We grow opportunities

Growth should be an ongoing process in the career of any professional, regardless of the level of training or of hierarchy that they have reached. As we are strongly believers in this, we offer our employees the opportunity to learn new things every day and to develop their skills.

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