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Great minds should stay together

07 Mar, 2019

VEO… Because Great Minds Should Stay Together

5 is a lucky number for VEO! We already have 5 core values that we find in each member of our team. We now have 5 characters that represent best our most valuable assets. Meet the TEAM OF GREAT MINDS of VEO!

Our main belief is that we have gathered in our teams characters that are remarkable. Happy people of VEO found here a GREAT environment for their best development and we encourage each personality in our teams to create connections.

The ASTRONAUT is always characterized by greatness. It reaches places others don’t even find as touchable and shares the new knowledge with the rest of the world.

The SCIENTIST is in constant search for improvement. His work is usually based on thinking and creating important links that reveal new meanings. The MINDS of those in VEO are also linked to develop new meanings and create the best outcomes for our clients. Continuously developing our skills is the key for VEO!

Being competitive and, at the same time, adaptable and flexible is a key trait for the EXPLORER. His entire work is based on connecting dots and keeping information together in one place. In VEO we have found that we value most people who tend to explore, are curious, and act with enthusiasm. It’s the main drive for reaching our targets TOGETHER.

We value those who work daily for the results of their teams. We are also in constant search for ambitious and hard-working people to join us. So we strongly believe that VEO is the best place to be

… because GREAT MINDS should stay TOGETHER!

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