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DARE Academy opened its headquarters in Bucharest

11 Sep, 2017

The DARE Academy, a training school and a strategic partner of the multinational provider of B2B services VEO Worldwide Services, has opened its headquarter in the Romanian capital Bucharest. DARE is an academy, specifically designed to identify and train the best international trade specialists. It is an innovative tool that allows a competitive selection of the best candidates to be made. 

The official opening ceremony took place on the 5th of April.

Through its pillar International Trade, DARE Academy aims to identify and train the best international trade specialists. It offers intensive and creative programs of personal development so that any professional who wants and has the potential can become a winner in his field.

DARE Academy organises special interactive and dynamic events to find the right candidates, which possess a competitive spirit and a desire for development in the field of international trade. All participants have the possibility to pass the steps for one day and to receive an answer in 48 hours.Every selected participant starts a journey filled with challenges, adventures and success. The academy has the important role to teach, support and accompany towards excellence every champion.

“Each person has the potential to become a champion in his field. So, this is our challenge to you! Be a champion! Overcome your limits! It’s up to you, DARE Academy will be by your side all the way” sayed Anca Petrescu, Manager of DARE.

At the same time, through its transversal programes  DARE Academy prepares leaders ready to lead the organization and to effectively manage the changes necessary for progress. As for the the support area specialists, are trained in accounting and for the retail sector are trained specialists for the retail chain WOW.

The unique concept of DARE Academy is to focus on candidates’ potential. That is the reason why the participants must possess these 3 crucial characteristics: to be open towards continuous improvement, to wish to overcome their own limits and to show their potential.

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