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WoW has opened its store in Romania, Timișoara

17 Apr, 2018

On Tuesday, the 13th of March, took place the opening of the second WoW store, this time in Timișoara.

The store that has 474 m2 and it is located at the ground floor of the Uranus building (9 Uranus Street), has opened its doors for all those who want to take advantage of discount prices and of a very diverse range of products, such as: house and gardening items, textiles, food, toys and so on.

The WoW store not only offers a well-positioned and attractive commercial capacity (and near the WoW logistical platform in Remetea Mare), but it also offers a generous list of categories of products for clients in Timișoara and neighbouring areas.

This is the first store opened in 2018, but others will follow the months to come: in Oradea, Sibiu and Lugoj.

We will keep you up to date with each new store and its location here, in the News section and on the WoW dedicated Facebook page:

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