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Irina Chilcos


I joined VEO at the age of almost 38 years and after 13 years of banking, I had the courage to change the field of activity and start VEO’s adventure. What I want to say from the start is that I don’t regret for a second the choice I made. From the first day, I was pleasantly impressed by the dynamics of the activities, the multitude of projects and the continued development of VEO group.
If I were to choose what I like most and more in VEO, I answer without a blink: the PEOPLE. As I like to describe them, they are young, beautiful and smart. I learn every day from them and with them and we develop together. What can be more beautiful?!

Also, I greatly appreciate the possibility of development and evolution that VEO offers us. In these three and a half years we have seen how management has been constantly concerned with the human resource and has made efforts to ensure a pleasant work environment, to enable us to grow and improve continuously.
If I look back, we have done a lot during this time, we've built a beautiful team, and yet I have the feeling that we are just starting out, because the evolution is so dynamic that the horizons are endless.

I am proud to be a member of the VEO family and I can hardly wait to build our future together.

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